a life wholly fulfilled

oh weighty the years
that have borne my body
to once sullen earth
so weighty the moments
of desperate mourning
and insatiate madness
yet how sweetly now
time my heart engages
paging miraculous tales
and how lovingly now
my rising soul entangles
among vines of utmost joy
and all because of you
inspired, so deeply desired
wistfully wondrously you
singing songs of laughter
chanting hymns of love
pressing patterns peaceful
because of you, my love
the sun pirouettes above
the moon languorously lists
and i, emancipated at last
embrace the finest fullness
of a life wholly fulfilled


3 thoughts on “a life wholly fulfilled

  1. From Scott’s View … Last summer my wife and I drove through the Highlands, past the numerous lochs, to the glorious north coast along the Route 500. Then to Orkney by ferry. I do envy you living in God’s own country. But not in winter ! We’re Back home now in sunny Australia …
    God’s other own country.

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  2. Sunny is what ‘mad dogs and englishman’ go out into
    without a hat or sunscreen.
    Plenty of cattle to rustle downunder … well worth a visit. 3 years should do it if you just want to see the highlights … distances are on a different scale.

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