one more glass

stands untouched
upon the mantle bare
the flavor passed
the moment gone

recalling such joys
i’d never thought
to have known at all but
for my beloved you

you reach behind
and stroke my neck
and let the touch
of love beguile me

your fingers adept
caress my deepest
soul with hope intent
on one more kiss

and so before you go
a saddening smile
across your lips
bespeak but to me

this simple oath
that before this time
of mine be done
we two shall share

in gentle warmth
and keenest bliss
a loving embrace
and one more glass


Laya and George enjoying a literary pub tour in Edinburgh

4 thoughts on “one more glass

      • When I was living in Stirling I visited regularly, but these days it’s more of a journey. Plus there is history which makes for complications.


      • That’s a shame, Ben. I’m sorry there is something that comes between you and a great city like that. Stirling seemed nice–I have not spent much time there other than stopping for lunch a few months back. But my grandfather Charlie Stewart came from Stirlingshire. Ah, so many places I have yet to really experience. Hopefully, I’ll be back.

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