most wishfully pleading
i bleeding breed fear
anxiously acquired and
mired in fitful dreams

i crumble before you
hopeful yet trembling
assembling dreadful speeches
of lesser merit than seems

harshly have i spoken
and broken your heart
withdrawing into a who
when i should have asked why

your tears seal my lips
and widen my skin
to hold within a me
that is so much more than I

then is it not the breath
of sweetly smiling spring
lingering long after
the air has grown still

nor yet the syncopation
of nature’s finest lustration
the pattering chatter
of gleeful rain on the sill

the beating of this heart
owes more to brighid
undying flame of kildare
than to fair mother anu

for darling, you are so lovely
that each sight of you
alone causes unerringly
my heart to tremble anew


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