an arrogant voice
incautiously piloted
this time-worn vessel
over most ambivalent
and turgid seas

sails grew angrily thin
while decks bowed
beneath the weight
of my hopelessly
misguided ambitions

no errant astrolabe
no compass contained
conducted my journey
beyond lonesome leagues
and indolent shores

i was the captain
of a pointless sorrow
i, the outraged hero
petulant and petty
to a remarkable fault

until the waters calmed
and the moon rose
casting a hopeful light
across the obsidian
world beneath me

and in each sparkle
in each tiny timid glow
trembling over the sea
i perceived something new
something brilliant

for you have illuminated
my darkening world
deftly lighting me true
to a life i had never
really known before

in your love, you see
am i resurgent, embracing
a hope and a laughing joy
once immensely distant
and utterly foreign to me

in your love
at long last
i am home

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