your heart

have you heard
how your heart beats
have you felt its insistence
felt its persistent pleading
trembling the needing flesh
you press against me

there is a voice
i more than hearing feel
peeling back the layers
of aging bark blanketing
the tallest trees rising
over the Santa Cruz mountains

there is a voice
that shimmering hums
strumming the seeding vines
the sweetly tumbling lines
of coolest winter snow
urgently flowing in the spring

there is a voice
deep in the knowing earth
that growing celebrates hope
and hearth and ever home
and never dares abandon
the fervent heart of you

that even now beats
across the breathing
of my skin

4 thoughts on “your heart

  1. I really like this! Your words and writing style really “speak” to me 🙂 Especially like the line, “there is a voice I more than hearing feel~” lovely~


  2. I really like this!! I cant remember if I commented before on this – but I do so enjoy your writing style and find it really speaks to me (loved “she”) … In particular I loved this line, “there is a voice i more than hearing feel…” lovely


    • Thank you so much for this. Your response is very kind and encouraging. It is comforting to know that my style of writing has been so well received. Thank you.


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