infant i
fell naked into this world
front and back and sides
held, swaddled, kissed
by an adoring mother
who could not manage
enough breath in the end
to declare her lasting love

child i
breathless and buoyant played
blissfully bleeding knees
scraped callous and clean
and always tingling with joy
exploring here and now
with the effortless abandon
of an uninstructed song

capricious i
inspired by romantic dreams
deemed she and she and we
to be nothing more than zeal
embodied and fleshly feeling
peeling sweetly and greedily
the fruit of my beloved
consumed bit by glorious bit

angry i
constructed once impervious walls
from battlements balking
at the praying entrancing dance
of futile love’s pretty prancing
shouting down now and forever
no and no and ever so
knowing how the sky bleeds

fallen i
did finally rise beyond this flesh
beyond this fury finding she
with slowly opening arms
she with gravely crafted harms
cradling her fortified heart
her tears of honest confession
impressing love across my soul

together we
inhaling sea and air and trembling
trees bearing leaves of greenest
hope sweetly adorning this earth
that now awaits our eager tread
yes, we shall earnest breathe
and bathing clean this tarnished me
we shall raze these angry walls

to the ground
to the earth
where love

5 thoughts on “she

    • Thank you, Jana. So kind of you to say. And I am so pleased you did read it aloud. That is so often how I compose, attending to the flow and familiarity and even just the playfulness of sounds.


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