a moment

there was a moment
i am quite sure
before the sun rose
over the mountains
caressing calm the waters below
but i cannot seem
to recall it now

i remember staring
with utter contentment
at the suggestive shadows
of her softly sensual lines
teasing my hands
to recall the warmth
of her skin

i breathed and smiled
unseen and closed my eyes
for just a moment
yet when i opened them again
the sun was stretching eager
and brazen across the gently rising
and falling of her breasts

and i at once
quite jealous and needful
and so deftly determined
did drive the hungry light
of this most presumptuous
sun swiftly away
with my trembling lips

2 thoughts on “a moment

    • Jana, you are always welcome here. I do appreciate the kind consideration of such a talented writer as you. And a generous reader.


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