her body, i avow, is a cathedral
of most natural persuasion
adorned by the mother of us all,
and i am her most persistent
and passionate worshipper

as i gaze upon her slumbering form
my eyes describe her pulsing veins
like crimson vines imparting life
beneath her ever lustrous skin
glowing sensually under the sun

my ardor invokes her avid lines,
her curves, her quickly reddening hues
her deeply sky-born shadows
shimmering with reflective heaven
high above her careful spine

prayerful as needs, i breathing touch
her naked flesh tempting, teasing
rivers running pooling, parting her soil
i insistent kneel in this valley
drawing her forth, wet and glistening

my hands urge her fertile warmth
my fingers tracing the hardened mound
of her most hidden, sacred love
adored by this prostate zealot
who murmurs moaning verses

over the scent of lilac
and sesame

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