these words are not mine
that singe the yielding skin
of your breasts your neck
your ears hungrily hearing
some other voice than mine

surely these lips are not mine
that slide over your silky throat
so salty quivering, tongued
more than toothful blending
love with furious desire

nor are these hands mine
that even now around your neck
insistent linger clinging
wringing that you screaming
beg for desperate release

whose thoughts are these
that pleading ply such needing
over this skin that once
was mine but now shrouds
a dignity shredding beast

no answer worthy of him
whom once i thought myself to be
could perceiving read these creases
along my face as i trembling
release myself into you

and yet the growl that claws
its way from out this throat
expresses keenly the wolf
once chained within—yes—me
and being freed at last, at last

must forever penetrate the depths
of you, explore the burning flesh
of you, grasping your tangled hair
licking, tasting, needing always
to devour, my beloved, you

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