does god sleep?

i do not believe god sleeps
not even on tuesday
she is far too busy being
just being
and after all
is really quite something
whether you’ve created yourself
or not
just being
on mondays
and fridays
and all through may
and with all that being
going on
how could she possibly
get even a wink of sleep—
close your eyes
just one little blink
and you’ve missed a millennium
of tuesdays

Salt Lake City 12 Apr 2013

15 thoughts on “does god sleep?

    • Do you really think she will approve my poetic madness? Sometimes I am not quite sure which goddess I am writing to (or about, for that matter), although I tend to be most drawn to Rhiannon, Isis, Athena, and Brigit. Something in each one has so long appealed to me. And so saying do I humbly submit my feeble words for their consideration.


    • Oh Tonia, thank you. You are ever so kind. I am always around, just preferring to be … quiet these days. But I am here, reading here and there among these blogs, and occasionally finding a moment when I can just sit–as I like–and focus. I always enjoy what you have to share with us, T. And I am very grateful that you express such enthusiasm and sincerity for what I have done. Keep sharing, T. You are doing wonderfully.


      • awww, what a pleasure to hear from you. I know the need to be in quietude. It allows us time to contemplate and ruminate to our hearts content. And when your heart is ready to share we will be like gleeful children recieving delightful gifts. 🙂


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