aua hena-k

it is smiling Hathor who calls to me
her breasts full, her sun shining above

my spirit journeys joyous as Amun
within the green of Nu’s birthing waters

my Horus soul soars over the mists
perching on each bowing branch

dutiful Thoth records my passing days
on papyri in hieroglyphs of gold

careful Anubis weighs the purity
of my heart against an honest feather

that tips the scales of Maat’s truth
while knowing Osiris looks grimly on

and when my eyes open at last
i step into the eternal striding waters

and find my salvation

enfolded by the waves

of her love


7 thoughts on “aua hena-k

    • Thank you so much, Susan. Your response, ever so sincere and encouraging, lifts my spirits. Love transcends time, doesn’t it? We love amidst the gods of old, the myths, the divinities, the spirits of Egypt and Gaul and Eire and Dowa Yallane. It is a blessing.


    • Thank you, RL. It does feel like that. Yes, it does. This moment, this most affectionate of blessings, pronounced by a gentle heart. Yes, I feel that I can breathe again.


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