dance with me

my heart betrays me
refusing to mask
this glorious ardor
with a gentle calm
i simply do not possess

the banal demands
of a common life
are beyond me now
when all i can think of
is ever beguiling you

you may yet find me
laughing among the stars;
take my hand, beloved
and dance with me
across the silvery face

of the adoring moon

Salt Lake City 17 Mar 2013

11 thoughts on “dance with me

  1. One should accept the whole package—and your magical hands have embraced this voice, this poem. I love it, when smile comes easily, George. 🙂


    • Thank you, my dear friend. Yes–this voice. This voice guides and inspires me. Nurtures my soul. Makes me laugh and dance and long for another day.


    • Oh yes, Susan. Yes. It calls to us, doesn’t it? Love enchants, caressing our hearts with such gentle yet insistent hands.


    • My utmost pleasure, T. I feel sometimes I am something of an exhibitionist in this, but I cannot help but share the joy that this love brings me.


      • Not exhibiting but proudly and publicly adoring with your heart wide open, and the rest of of are happy to be admiring bystanders, learning how to speak with a gushing golden pen upon the objects of our affection.

        You inspire us, George, and we are humbly grateful for sharing with us ~


      • Thank you so much, T. I am really touched by this. I am grateful for the opportunity to be so kindly read and so inspired by your responses.


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