for my beloved:

in your pale skin
i see the glow
of the moon
warming space
with a thousand
eager wishes
floating like fairies
among stars
yet to
be born

in your face
i see the destiny
of tender twilight
painted perfect
by innumerable
points of boldest

in your eyes
i see suns shining
planets forming
and the universe
temporal bonds
of life and death to
express nothing less
the heights



Salt Lake City 14 Mar 2013

5 thoughts on “eternity

  1. George! I have missed your words! Sounds like your beloved has as much of the universe manifest in her as what was seen Krishna’s open mouth, from that story. Love is our personal, direct worship, and you have caught that here, the god inside her skin. Love it.


    • Yes, Susan, yes. Love is indeed a form of worship. How could it not be? Love–this very love–is a commitment in flesh and soul, in childish play and in mature aspiration. It is unchaste and unrepentant. Needful and hopeful and even audacious. And I know how very lucky I am to feel this love. We restrain and restrict and second guess ourselves so much in life, don’t we? In this one thing at least, there should be no restraints.


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