the sun and the moon

it is not the fiery sun
that rudely hastens the moon
from her heavenly domain

see you how she flees
quite of her own accord
timid of his touch

suspicious she wanders
frightened by his desire
wary of his embrace

until his journey done
he sinks below the horizon
that she may reclaim her throne

yet just beyond her sight
he burns in longing for her
and curses his seething soul

how little she knows
of the passion in his heart
sworn to hers forever more

and in the dawn that greets him
how swiftly he rises to his need
searching the heavens for her

just her

his one true love

Salt Lake City 20 Feb 2013

9 thoughts on “the sun and the moon

      • Oh… I’ve read many sun/moon pieces… Common metaphor for the untouchable romance… But this was I believe a new take on it I’ve never read before. Loved it.


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