composing love

the rhythm
of this heart
measured in sighs

compound time
each beat
in three parts

one is for me
the next for you
the finest for us—

being the pulse
of this meter
flowing in time:

adagio i waited
like petals clasping
a blossom of hope

moderato i awoke
scenting the strands
of silken dawn

allegro i stride
over cultivated notes
patterned pristine

my voice singing
always, my love
for you

Salt Lake City 07 Feb 2013

15 thoughts on “composing love

  1. I was on the road when you posted this…
    I have to take a deep breathe when choirs of love sing praises as above …

    May i kiss thy lovely pen and say…”may beautiful accompaniments like this render your heart prolific and passionate hereon and forevermore….as you are amazingly gifted!”


    • I am so moved by your praise, Tonia. And by your appreciation for all that I write. I write–perhaps as you do–because I need to write. Perhaps because I do not trust my voice. I feel more capable when I compose, and yet so much more vulnerable at the same time. Wondering if the words I compose, the songs I sing, do find a place in her heart. Which is already so full. Perhaps it is enough that I compose at all, the very act of which seems to lend meaning–however artificial it may be–to an otherwise ill-defined life.


  2. Aw, I understand your need to write and how we fear our voice will falter. I am not half as articulate in voice as I am with pen. Words just dont pour forth as I desire.

    I too hope that your lyrics find special flight into her heart.

    I worry though that some of us who write need to express our love in more forms than in verbal expression. It is beautiful to receive lines that have taken time to create with soul and charity of heart, but other gestures of deed are as important or moreso. If I had a choice of someone telling me or showing me, I would take the latter.

    Words are easy to vocalize for some and because of that, they can be easily dismissed.

    May your spirit continue to bubble with the seasons of love that seem to be eternal, in your case.


    • Yes, you’re right. Our words can be enchanting, inspiring, touching. But there should be more. One of my favorite writers, Nikos Kazantzakis, once wrote, “The ultimate most holy form of theory is action.” And I believe that, for me at least, it is in the very lack of action, the lack of physical form, the lack of any event that should accompany my words–in this lack, I am lacking. In the absence of action, my words become demeaning.


      • In the absence of action words can ring hollow, sent as messages that fail to convey our true feelings, feelings not substantiated, not demonstrating the seriousness of our commitment and affection.

        If the ultimate holiest form of theory is action, I too must work harder to support this belief…esp in regards to my mother.

        Thank you for allowing me to share in this exchange with you, George. 🙂

        BTW, i have a brother named George and eventually I hope to post an entry or two on him. My fathers name was George also. :)… Jorge in spanish.


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