in voiceless moments
i hear them all
compelling hopes
that resurrect my soul
inciting words
that breathe purpose
into this life

in voiceless moments
they speak to me
once more
evoking countless memories
and joyless endings
punctuating this verse
with hoary silence

Salt Lake City 13 Feb 2013

13 thoughts on “endings

    • Thank you, T. I am touched by this kindness. There is indeed passion in my heart, although my voice is as likely to do it justice as are my words. As time passes, I fear more and more that my writing — that the verses I compose — fail to express in any worthwhile way what I feel inside. It is a strange thing indeed to know that you have so much to say, and yet to stop yourself from saying it.


  1. George, the intensity of your feelings does resonate in your work…very much so!! Very rarely do i read an author who can transfer his voice and depth into my soul, as you can. Yours is the poetry that is genuine, artistic and profound…this is wherein I can escape into the writer’s world and know his pain, his pleasure, his present.

    We are grateful that you share with us and I thank you! πŸ™‚


  2. Chin up…I do read in my email, and had missed your poetic tones here…hoping you are well and that you always know, we are a new generation of poets…subject to all of life as the old poets, but oddly a community…so, when one goes silent, who speaks with a very unique voice, it seems, we all miss them. Always take the time you need, and know, we are here awaiting your voice, or to just understand the ebb and flow of an artist’s inspiration.


    • I appreciate so very much the encouragement you have always given me, RL. To know that I am seen in this way, as you describe, makes me feel that my writing does matter. As does yours. These connections–this community–can be so inspirational. My best to you, dear.


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