if i could only

if i could only
whisper distant
my life for her
i surely would

these ponderous
moments seek
her radiant spirit
foully to entomb

a fetid darkness
that cowardly clings
to her pale skin
with such greed

she who knows
the native worth
of flesh and soul
and limpid voice

she who in pain
ungrudging cradles
each chilling night
into glorious dawn

you who know her
may yet find her here
in honest lines
and striving tones

but wounds are cruel
and time fleeting
as snowflakes floating
beneath the sun

yet if only needful i
could bleed this heart
willingly into hers
know that i would

Salt Lake City 21 Jan 2013

8 thoughts on “if i could only

    • Thank you, Susan. So difficult, you know–wanting to help those we love. And wrestling with our own inabilities, our failings. Wanting to be more, to give more. Perhaps that is one of the greatest blessings of love–that in its embrace, we strive to better ourselves.


  1. That last verse almost made me weep. If only I could, I would…

    George, you have a courageous heart that is not too timid or too shy to love — and to express it with eloquence. I salute You, Sir! 🙂


  2. It is surely this courage, to ink a desirous heart. A succinct melody of evening, to buy few more drinks for the ever-growing heart. The poem—stabs within, it tracks the uneasy road, yet it digs deeper for an answer. Ah, George, should I say, impressive?


    • My dear friend, yes, yes. You understand so well. In deeper response to this and more, I have sent you another message. The “uneasy road” is indeed what you are traveling, Pawan. We are your companions. Your courage in sharing so much with us is matched by your eloquence.


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