bòidhchead (“beauty”)

yours is the spirit of spring
that never fails to come

yours is the breath of life
singing the soil to grow

yours is the voice of the trees
whispering peace to the sun

yours is the strength of stones
washed by the purest snow

yours is the truth of May
blessing this verdant earth

yours is the vision of Fall
perceiving these seeds abed

yours is the hope of being
inviting souls to birth

yours is the path of the future
and journeys joyfully led

Salt Lake City 18 Jan 2013

4 thoughts on “bòidhchead (“beauty”)

  1. Absolutely stunning…this fountain of love..it cascades upward and downward…to all levels of admiration..

    Lovely work, George. Every woman wants to receive gifts gushing with grandeur as this…but few of us receive it. …*sigh


    • Oh, T, you are too kind to me. And I am sure you are so very deserving of such kindness yourself. We are romantic people, yes? In a world that has marketed and minted and made money off of romance, there are still people like us who actually feel it in our hearts. Regardless of the gawdy apparel and the glitsy facade. Love is sincerely present in us. It is as real as anything imaginable.


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