there are certainly moments
when you just know
just absolutely know
the reason

such transparent moments
may be painfully rare
but they do exist
they must

i sit here now and shiver
imploring this flesh
for a moment
without pain

imploring the distant moon
to clarify this lunacy
and assuage my soul
with peace

i struggle with the words
to express this needful me
pondering purpose
and plans

despising ever this distance
i doubtless acknowledge
mortality and meaning
and this:

that i do love you so
and that in striving
to better this me
there is

no finer reason

than you

Salt Lake City 15 Jan 2013


12 thoughts on “reasons

  1. A bared soul is a beautiful soul..!

    Declarations like this are tremendously touching. To be loved with this much ardor and admiration is every woman’s desire.

    Beautiful verse, George. Lucky her!


  2. “in striving
    to better this me
    there is
    no finer reason…”

    George, the desire to strive for betterment is a great indicator of your worth…so many are content with themselves as they are. None of us are perfect and we should all be striving for growth.

    I praise you, knowing that you are all too human and an imperfect being, as am I. 🙂


  3. You have your reasons to pray as a devotee of love,
    but the distance is the ingredient, which has a desire
    to taste the uncooked recipe, and love is the added
    spice of letters and longings—love writes himself as a struggle,
    tell me, if love is not a struggle

    Ah! George, you do reveal yourself beautifully, and with honesty. These emotions are running with a purpose. Blessings and love.


    • Yes, my dear Pawan, there must be purpose to this, mustn’t there? Beyond me. Something beyond me. Something more than this solitary life. And yet as time passes, I see my world losing its color, my thoughts dessicating. I feel these days, Pawan, that there is a tremendous core of human activity and emotion, of love and passion and affection. And I am so distantly poised on the fringe of all of this as to be left untouched. I know that once I dwelt in the very core of this heart. Now I feel the line between me and the center to have been stretched so far that at any moment, it will simply break. And me with it. Your words comfort me, my friend. Your writings comfort me as well. Your sincerity–and the voice of your heart–are inspiring.


      • …and that is what I love about you. You lead with your thoughts, and in a circle you breathe, where you paint your different lines of heart. I think, such lines would travel for silence , because your acceptance at this age, is an experience. I know, your honesty is a fuel, and it would never end. Love is what you have, and you will complete this process, before you become immortal in our hearts.

        You are an amazing person.


      • Thank you so much, my dear friend. Your words do soothe my soul at this moment. Your friendship is indeed a blessing for me.


      • Ah! George, you are very close to me and you will be.
        We have so much to share. 🙂

        I would wait for your next email. Blessings.


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