one man’s folly

night and day and once more please
as time undaunted and immeasurable
being the most equitable of streams
flows on with unrivalled indifference
over paling pebbles and tumbling sand
and me, though incredulous I may be
ever daring tyrant time to finally cease
or to pause at the very least and honor
my whims as the water lushly laughs
at the absurdly colored wonder of it all:
this man’s arrogantly self-imposed folly

Salt Lake City 12 Jan 2013


3 thoughts on “one man’s folly

  1. There is a humour attached in this one, which is openly embraced by vision of a man, who presents a game of cards for self-evaluation. It is a profile of maturity, when you leave some space to be filled by someone—to complete the game of life.


    • I agree, Pawan. It is indeed a reflection of a maturing self when the direction of our concerns and cares and efforts can finally be opened outward, rather than always focusing so much on us. I like that–leaving space to be filled by someone. Sharing a space together in honest recognition that I can be better, achieve more, in companionship with another. With someone who matters more than me.


      • Your heart is pure, and you have lived with such thoughts before, so life is already happening out there.
        Blessings and love. 🙂


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