in her arms

i have known too much
of these restless sinews
woven impeccably tight
grasping brightly lacquered
boxes and loosely bound
leaves that hold far more
of tremblingly tormented
lives than i sobbing still
could ever so pretentious
comprehend no matter how
dearly i may strive to do so

i squat behind the ninth row
of jealously whispering players
clutching even at Castiglione
perusing the pages of love
like the most masochistic
of voyeurs praying piteously
for just one more chance
to feel this gray heart shatter
as God forbid it should ever
be kindly embraced by one
who knows the warm breath

of a long winter’s night

in the arms

of love

Salinas 17 Dec 2012

7 thoughts on “in her arms

  1. You have unfolded many things. In a way, this leaves an open wound, to heal for something better . Arms are ready, and you are the driver of emotions. Blessings and love. 🙂


    • Always unfolding, Pawan. Always discovering. And healing. There is ever a need for healing, isn’t there? It is not in the nature of this life — of this human society — to gently nurture a soul moment by moment. There will always be new wounds. And a need for healing. But we have found a shared vision, a shared experience, and in that very sharing there is greater healing, I think, than in any steps I may take alone.


      • …and that is why I love to read such words, and travel through your life as a learner. I feel thankful to share a conversation with you, it brings us closer to healing elements of life.
        Blessings and love. 🙂


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