now i see

i see
all at once
how her hand
on my arm lightly rests
caressing with such simple intent

i feel
how the air
trembles at her touch
how time itself bows majesty
before her faintly ever glowing flesh

i want
god how i need
to take her poised hand
into my very own and press it
fast against my lips longing for more

i am
so compelled
to bend reverential
to kneel before only her
to kiss this urgency from her thighs

i fear
this distance
intrinsically patterned
by days accumulating dully
like stones rising over my barrow

i pray

and wait

and listen to the trees

Salinas 18 Dec 2012

2 thoughts on “now i see

    • I am so grateful for your reading, Susan. And your response. I went through such uncertainty in composing this. Even in how I shaped the stanzas. Honestly, my initial intent upon reaching the last stanza was to go back through and form them all into barrows, because at that moment I could not help but bow to how a love deeply felt is so inextricably accompanied at times by fear. How can one love so much and not fear the loss of the beloved? The loss of the hope and the vision endowed by love? And just then, before hitting “Publish,” I felt an urge to deny that fear. To see a different shape. Not the barrow of death, but the tree of life. A forest of hope. So I added those last words. I was not at all sure this would work with such a last second addition. I am glad you caught it.


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