pretend there is this:

pretend there is meaning
not just in the precise colors
of every winged thing in flight
but even in the tones they uniquely
reflect with each whispering flutter

suppose there are voices
persistently beckoning you
from the tip of each green pin
along every creaking stuttering limb
of every forever evergreen tree

imagine that every inch
of your skin, hidden or revealed
expresses a most distinct purpose
all its own beyond any thought
your mind may ever have

envision a fantasy realm
in which every single life
composed of spirit and soul and
heart and thought and leaf and flesh
is more pertinent than mountains of gold

pretend all of this to be
and you, my dear friend
will have found blessings indeed
in a most determined step
along the path of truth

Salt Lake City 03 Dec 2012

14 thoughts on “pretend

  1. You are inviting wisdom to breathe through your verse. I’m so touched by each and every word, as the poem brings back the dreams to live again. There is enthusiasm, and there is something we normally call as love.
    Blessings, George. 🙂


    • Thank you, dear Pawan. I can never say how near or far I am from wisdom. Sometimes I feel I have lived long enough that I should have a better sense of this. But then I look closer and perceive myself to be making the same mistakes I have always made. But enthusiasm there is indeed. And hope. Inspired by this love. Inspired by the beloved, I do dream again. And find hope in at least a glimpse of wisdom.


  2. Pretend is my favorite game. Children endlessly teach adults the meaning, the depths and lengths that word can take. It is indeed true that it’s not what you have, but it’s what you do with you have that reveals someone’s true nature and it’s even more true in relationships than in anything else.


    • So true, Joe. I know I have learned so much from my daughter. It strikes me as rather odd at times to think how I am paid to teach others, and yet I may be more likely to learn something of real value from someone much younger than me and completely lacking in academic qualifications or honored degrees. With all my degrees, I still lack the honest vision my daughter has.


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