i remember how you danced
how your smile circled the room
brightly whirling like a lovely wisp
lit against the envious darkness
held against the shivering cold
oh how you danced, dear Sibel
with a lithe laughter that denied
the mortality that slowly angrily
consumed the simple shell of you
freely enhancing the dancing
spirit of you to bless the ground
you so eagerly floated above
rising higher and ever higher
to entrance the fairies themselves
with the vibrant vernal life and
the ever cascading light of you
of this always dearly loved you
this you illuminated now
and forever more

Salt Lake City 26 Nov 2012


8 thoughts on “Sibel

    • Thank you. I wish I could claim a kinder inspiration for this. I had just learned that the sister of some very dear friends had passed away. Cancer. I guess this is how I deal with loss, with grief. I feel a need to express it, as if by writing about it, I engage in a form of therapy. Perhaps seeking to acquire some control over a world that is so far beyond my control. I don’t know. But thank you for liking it.


      • My condolences. It is sort of encouraging to see that nice things can come out of bad, and I hope that you and your friends will find comfort.


      • Thank you for your kindness in this. Yes, I think it is encouraging. And today, I hope, will be a better day.


    • Thank you, Tonia. I know I can use a bit of therapy of some kind these days. Something to guide me towards a peace that enables growth and laughter. I am glad it helps you as well.


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