inconceivable how all too eagerly
in our honest striving for truth
we hastily define the boundaries
of this unbounded human existence
applying limits, birthing mortality
walling the capacity of our thought

the fleshly enclosure of this self
must face time’s ultimate bourne
and yet at this transient moment
can we be restricted by anything more
than the despotic definitions we
falsely impose upon immensity?

your mind is utterly expansive
flying unfettered over continents
it stretches soulful across millennia
touching the most distant stars
freely wandering over planets—
your mind conceives all that is

or so it should

the decision

is yours

[inspired by the teachings of Imam ‘Ali]

Salt Lake City 15 Nov 2012

4 thoughts on “comprehension

    • Thank you, Querida. It has certainly been enlightening for me to continue my journey into the wisdom of others. I hope I have not given a false impression of the teachings of Hz. ‘Ali.


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