another step

i have known the bitter taste of hope
have dreaded its inevitable return
in vain rejecting with dejected demeanor
its perpetual patterning shrouding
my ponderous journey with futility

i have bemoaned how hungrily
this hope has companioned my steps
tracing subtle distinctions between
fallacy and faith like an impassioned
preacher of very earthly means

i have embraced an angry diffidence
as if indifference might as well
a panacea provide, shielding blindly
the coy glances, the voluptuous
enveloping entreaties of this hope

little did i suspect in my despair
that life would ever speak to me again
proposing just one more journey
beyond this daily febrile delirium
to a realm of passion and honest joy

and having heard its message

i take another step

Salt Lake City 10 Nov 2012


5 thoughts on “another step

  1. It has passed, George. You have a heart to love, and there are people who care about you.
    I’m glad you released your voice here, and it will surely add as a lesson in your life.
    Blessings and love. 🙂


    • It is for this indeed, Pawan, that my voice continues to find words to speak, to write — that I still feel I am heard. That my words can still matter. However simple or repetitive they may be. By speaking here, I have been spoken to. And those who have spoken to me, who have shared their thoughts, their words with me, have already taught me so much. I pray this life will continue to open paths to me. And to endow my heart with understanding. Thank you, dear friend.


      • We have this beautiful life, and we can only learn from such experiences.

        It is your voice, George. Keep sharing love. 🙂


  2. Isn’t that wonderful? To get that call for another step? Even if it means just one inch because sometimes that’s all one can manage. I know myself to always be split between sadness and joy, but it’s the thought of moving just a little further that helps sometimes clear the day.


    • Oh yes, Joe, it is wonderful. In my most timid moments, and my most fearful, even despairing, I am amazed to find yet another path open to me. Another step to take. Sometimes I do not know how you or I manage to continue threading our steps between sadness and joy. But we do. And that alone is a wonderful thing. That we haven’t surrendered to the dullness that is so easy to resign oneself to. No, we go on. Finding more to say. More to live. I am so pleased to know that you continue your journey, Joe.


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