5 thoughts on “heart

  1. I felt a strong “NO” when I read “beating no more” because the poem is so lively and breathing that all in me refused that disruptive ending, but that’s the way of life.


    • Thank you, Joe, for such an honest reaction. I have to say, your reading reflects well what I felt as I composed this, how much we may strain, struggle to free ourselves from those elements of life to seem compelled to leech the very life from us. Struggling. Rising, only to find that the life we have risen to is not what we had imagined. That the goals we had sought were illusions which, once attained, seem rather to mock our efforts. I prefer hope. I prefer to live in hope and trust, and yet my life has been shocked by such disappointments, such frustrations. Still I continue to hope that the next reaction my words engender may be a surer YES.


      • I agree entirely with what you say, I have written very dark materials at times because of where I was going through at the moment so I’m learning to be aware of what I’m feeling while writing. Which means sometimes not writing, because I have to untangle those dark feelings and their origins but you are right, hope is the air our lungs need while we live and I’m always looking forward to getting a mouthful of it.


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