’tis time

oh yes, my darlings
he said to the faeries that
tittering giggled in surprise
there is indeed an end

though ye ken it not
and would nae do so
not for all the love ye
have so sweetly pledged

and here his voice, it must
be said, an edge acquired of
steel sharpened by constraint
and years of angry solitude

a wall of hardiest stone
that knows not time
nor construes its passing
being oh so broadly built

a barrier most restrictive
limiting the amorous tricks
this heart may yet perform
on your dearest behalf

an end to the weight
these shoulders weary bear
to the words this voice
may timid trembling utter

how mournful murmur
these lips for want of you
how palsied quiver
these hands for need of you

however convenient a man
I may be, a man yet I am
with the needs of such
and desires unfulfilled

as mortal flesh decays and
even the sun a setting knows
so too my darlings should ye ken
that there is indeed an end

Salt Lake City 30 Oct 2012

9 thoughts on “’tis time

    • You are so very kind to describe me and my writing in this way. I do treasure how we share with one another our thoughts, our feelings, our impressions in words of hope or pain or longing. Whether or not we say anything new, anything unique, the point I believe is that we are speaking to one another. We are expressing honestly our lives, and that builds a community of voices and a chance for understanding. Thank you, Mimi.


  1. You are divine, and this scorching voice moves for an answer — “The End” it beckons from heart.
    The word “end” can be juxtaposed on the wall, and it can be scrutinized forever. In this flesh, we experience many “ends” of this life — this one life. You are emotional, and the words are sensitive — they appear to question life. You are creating something here, George. You have this language to communicate. A poet observes, and he has words to free the soul, to be a seer.
    There is something terrible or beautiful that comes along — “feelings.” I know, why I used “or” in that sentence, and you would understand that. George, are we leaving something here?
    There are moments, and there are questions — I think we should look life as “upside down.”

    You are a generous soul. Keep this light on. A beautiful heart — I want to listen to.
    Blessings and love.


    • My dear Pawan, your words have stretched across such vastness to touch my heart. But then, since this journey began for me, stepping sometimes eagerly sometimes hesitantly, through the gardens of these pages, these verses, these lives, it has been quite clear to me that your voice is inspired by such a gentle, yet passionate heart. Yours is a heart that has known great desire and terribly pain. And with that encompassing experience, your soul understands. It understands others so well. And it is so very comforting to be understood by a spirit like you. Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for the peace and blessings you generously offer to me and to others. Thank you, my dear.


      • Forget me.
        I’m happy that you are back. You are a part in me, I told you so. πŸ™‚
        You have an aura to inspire others, George. You live, and you share your heart — moments will come beautifully.
        Welcome back, George. Welcome back. Blessings and love. πŸ™‚


      • My dear friend, to share this journey with such inspiring souls, how could I stay away? I am truly blessed with your generous heart and your loving soul, Pawan. I read eagerly your verses and feel in them so keenly a world that has been and continues to be intelligently and sometimes hopefully sometimes angrly observed, and a life that has been passionately lived and yet not lived. Not yet. I know there is more in you. I know there is the traveler in you whose journey must continue. Sometimes with spiritual steps, but eventually with something more. I pray that our paths will cross someday, my friend.


      • You handed me a gift through your words, George. We will surely cross our paths. You understand me so well, and the picture you painted, is in right shades.

        I want to live and feed my soul with love. I try to find the world of “Imagine” by John Lennon. I can see few people. You are a reflection, and a light in my life.

        We will continue this journey of life, George. We will continue this journey. Faith and love. Thank you for smiling, and your coming days will be alive. πŸ™‚


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