from deepest rooted earth
from blackened loamy soil
stretching skeletal interred
conversing somberly with
voracious worms churning
dirt and flesh and phantoms
have i serendipitous emerged
serenely culling cleansed
of wanton cares and pale
importuning wares worn
threadbare and sorrowful
mourning this sullen self
this ashen pointless pelt
of a man of limited means
dreaming of vivid scenes
praying ever brightly vital
for virtue’s brittle grace
longing still so eager for
Cliodhna’s beauteous face
pleading flesh and soul
abased for one last chance
to flee this barren bourn
and find redemption fair

Salt Lake City 27 Oct 2012


9 thoughts on “redemption

  1. You are living on the edge, and the process of freedom is echoing through corners of this world.
    It is in your poem, redemption is charged for a moment.

    How intricately we sound, and our own voice calls nature to see our plight. George, is this how we are created in oceanic wave?

    It is the burning chapters we invent over and again. I could only move to a silent field, and draw patterns of this life we are living. This is inviting emotions to try for the undying love we have. Love it. 🙂


  2. I waver, my friend, between selfish longing and the peace that I know is possible, and I so wish to believe that both are achievable. I have seen images of you, Pawan, seen you standing, looking out over fields, and I think to myself: could there be greater peace but in the silence of such a setting? Sometimes I feel my skin crawling with the need to move, to leave, to abandon this life and find such a place of nature and solitude, of nurturing silence. But I need more than this. This longing for companionship is so great in the human heart, overwhelming even the desire for utter peace. Why else would we be endowed with this capacity — this truly remarkable capacity — for love if not to seek it out, to express it, to share it? To find peace in that very whirlwind of emotion that should not allow peace! It must be possible. There must be redemption in this life. For all of the mistakes, for all of the clever arrogance that I have proven myself capable of, can I not find redemption and peace in the fullest expression of the human heart? I have to believe it is possible, before this life is over, that I might pull myself out of my fears and angers and regrets and embrace at last a moment of mutual peace and adoration. A moment or more.


    • You have raised the question and I love it — love is to seek and express, sharing life.
      This is your expressions, and your words are finding a place in hearts of other people. They are sensed, touched. We are already in light of love. Seek it, George. I believe it, I have faith in this: Love is all we need at the end of the day.
      Thank you for sharing this vibe. Your radiating words will float in this universe.


      • Thank you, Pawan. And again, thank you. Your heart is so genuinely beautiful, inviting respect and affection even in your most painful moments. It has been such a blessing for me to be read and understood by you, by a man of such honest vision and such encouraging compassion. Yes, love is what we need at the end of the day. And at the beginning. Humans are such extraordinary creatures, mauling and manipulating the one thing that truly raises us above our basest fears and avarice. Why? Why do we pine for the one thing that would expel all sorrow? We are human–love should be so easy for us, the most natural and beautiful thing this heart is capable of. And yet it remains all too often elusive. I am rambling again, my friend. These days have not been easy. And I find myself growing more and more distant from the essential experience of life. As if this world with all its anger and greed and bitterness is becoming more remote. I find myself less a part of this world. And fearful of what this distance will eventually mean.


      • How beautiful it is to feel this: “We are human — love should be so easy for us..”
        I’m travelling through your words, and I can see myself very transparent in your thoughts. This would eventually bring us closer, our journey is filled with love and for love. I can relate to your feelings: “I find myself less a part of this world.” I see this, an emptiness, the hunger. There would be another day, and still we have to survive.
        Where is this coming from, George?
        Two lives, incandescent honesty of thoughts to pen down. I’m overwhelmed.


      • Where is this coming from? My dear friend, as these years pass, the loss grows. People I have loved are gone. Year after year. One after another. Age claws at my soul without respite. I have so treasured those times in my life when I have been able to share this space I inhabit with loved ones, with family, with dear friends. With hope and the finest expectations. Where are they now? Very soon, I will move. I will live in a home on my own for the first time ever. Sharing my space with none. Dwelling in thoughts of those who have passed on and those I may never see again. The cycles of life continue as they must, and yet I want nothing more than to halt this movement and break this unbearable silence and dwell once more with love and laughter. I am so grateful, my friend, for those I have found here, who have become a community of inspiring spirits for me, people like you and Mari and Susan and so many others, whose words touch me deeply. But these are words digitally displayed. And I, dear friend, long for a voice. For a companion to share my space with. To share my laughter and even my tears.


  3. You keep sharing your voice, George. You have inspired images to breathe their own life. We all are one — reflections of thought process. I feel your moment here, but I cannot fully measure your depth of life. You are a wonderful person, honest one.
    What should I say, George?
    I can sit with you, in silence. We won’t share a word, but we would experience that “moment.” I don’t know what that would bring. It would at least breathe.

    Love is all I can depend upon……….life happens.


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