again and again
and never truly knowing

it may tearful end
or dare a beginning new

do step by step
this heart enchanted hail

this time to fail
our ever unintended need

plead our embrace
membranous wed to you

Salt Lake City 24 Oct 2012

3 thoughts on “nights

  1. You have shared another light, where I oscillate between desires and self-identity. This place is magical, for we hold each secret to serve our hearts.
    Delicately, we run for life.


    • So intriguing, Pawan, the question this raises, oscillating between desires and self-identity. To what extent is this self composed of desire? Desires that expand the self to encompass the beloved, the dreamed enticement, the eagerness to feel. To truly feel. As if the heart and the beloved were one. And the division between desire and self and the desired one melts into nothingness. Is that not fulfillment? Is that not worth running for? Oh, Pawan your words inspire my thoughts this night, contemplating so much.


      • I have been contemplating since last few days, for I’m overwhelmed with words. There is so much to know, so much to learn. Your emotions find me, as they settle over a period. I know the realisation which carries forward, that is life in “happy moments.”
        Much love, George.


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