silent night

how lucid are dreams
conceived in a tempest
of smiling casual silence

nightmares grin nurturing
thoughts driven mad
by such amiable placidity

life quite unwilling endures
pouring salt into wounds
scored by jealous memories

still scarring breathless
this brittle impatient soul
hungry for something more



Salt Lake City 21 Oct 2012

8 thoughts on “silent night

    • So very kind of you, RL. I wish I could produce verses that would leave you with more smiles than scars, but you know what this process is like, this process of writing that derives so much from our real experiences, good and bad. I am honored that you find so much sincerity and feeling in my writing. I must admit, there are times when I wish that, with but a word or two, I could so alter this world as to unite lovers and mend the scars we bear.


      • Well said, yes. They are not just reminders of what has been. They can guide us onto other paths, setting out on finer journeys. Yes, I like that.


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