reeds bow in the breeze
bending ever obedient
yet wistfully weaving
dreams of massive roots
and encompassing bark
and branches scratching
at the very sky above


as they pliant genuflect so
oh why, they seem to lament
to a cypress copse nearby
why not we drawn to the sea
when shall we too grow tall
as you and firm and standing
fast in rich and fertile soil?


the winds rise shunting aside
such feeble wishes as these
and the reeds ride restless
the swirling raging storm
feverish swaying yet unbroken
their hopes reside unspoken
while a mighty cypress crashes




Salt Lake City 16 Oct 2012


13 thoughts on “reeds

  1. A lot of hint you provide here — strength, identity, mind conflicts, low self-esteem, naivety of soul, societal ideologies, dreams, wandering heart(the knower). Aah!
    I don’t know from where to start.
    The picture you chose, the setting you created, is flowing between human intentions. It is a human figure you draw — their colours and form, you embellish. It reads our doubts of roily fragments of life. How gullible and fragile thoughts we wear, and lose the touch of balance. We flourish, yet we ignore the essence. It is in acceptance, we bring sun and moon of peace.

    It is dramatic and you bowed gracefully to the muses. This magic will last for long time in my life.
    A turn, I see here. I picked this moment, and here I let it go.
    A soul grows silently, it knows everything. This pieces of life are abstractions that bring us closer to self.

    Much love. Much much love. 🙂


    • How well you read me, Pawan. With such honesty and grace. Seeing even that which I might not have known was there. Or had not intended. But do embrace as equally true to my originally intentions. There is indeed an acceptance in this which I had not meant to demonstrate in this writing: an acceptance of the whole self. Thinking back, I find I have never been comfortable with notions of strict definition–that I must be this or that. Why should I bow to restrictions of self that are imposed by others? Do not speak this way, do not write these words, do not condone this desire. As I face these limits, I shrivel. As I overcome them, I grow to be so much more than myself–and yet find that I am all of this, that my self incorporates so many desires, hopes, beliefs. Why should I promote a respectable image of myself as teacher or writer or father, while neglecting my equally relevant needs as watcher or wanderer or lover? These voices too interlace. As abstractions, they too compose, like individuals strokes of distinct color on the canvas of my soul–they illustrate me as a whole self. A self that wishes to know and be known. To see and be seen. And oh yes–to love and be loved. And why not?


      • Yes, and that was a transient flow, where your words came and flourished naturally. It is great to follow our own voice, senses and passion. This is like a collage, where we enact our roles; yet by the end of the day, we are together as a whole self.
        Thank you for enlightening me, George.


      • It is I who should be thanking you, my dear Pawan, for being ever so supportive, for encouraging me to continue my journey, and for valuing the man I am becoming. Your thoughts and your vision are so very meaningful to me.


      • Thank you, George. It is the balanced conversation we look forward to, and it is what our heart speaks daily. This life is a verse, beautiful one. 🙂


  2. There’s truly beauty in persisting, and rising and riding despite the lack of perceived advantages whether physical, spiritual or intellectual. I had to read it a couple of times, but this wasn’t wasted time.
    Thanks for this!


    • Oh yes, Joe. There is such truth in living a life of integrity, seeking to comprehend and honor the truth of who we are. There are challenges in this, of course. And yet pretense is so much more difficult. And bound to disappointments that can overwhelm the spirit. Thank you, Joe.


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