the man i should have been

this flesh has no patience
for such petty hunger
resolving itself to spend
not a single moment
longer than is absolutely
necessary to satisfy
the egregious whims of
my unbearably craven
ego clawing at your
sweetly spoken spirit
forgive me my trespasses
but i quite simply lack
the heart of the man—
the man i should have been

Salt Lake City 14 Oct 2012

4 thoughts on “the man i should have been

  1. there is here, this feeling, listening in on your mind…when you say you are not the man you should have been, it makes you what you wish you had been…it was an incredibly moving piece of writing.


    • Thank you so much, RL. Not just for your kind reading of my verses, but for taking the time to express such encouragement, such kindness towards me. I am feeling quite good today, very happy in fact. This piece I had written some days ago in a darker mood, and oddly enough felt stronger sharing it now that I have returned to this place of peace and joy. Thank you again.


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