when the sea grows calm
shall ye ken me true by
the sweet breeze whistling
streams of green and blue
and the hues of longing
embraced by the eternal

heed then the braw laird
of heaven high whose sigh
ignites the flames of man
in flesh and hearty gallus
the ballast sure and steady
waves afloat shall ye ride

and yet abide as time allows
one call at least betimes
to these far shores where i
shall await thy coming
having transcended hope
to be all and one in you

Salt Lake City 13 Oct 2012

2012.07.22 Ovacık 006

Sunset along the shore of Çeşme, Türkiye

5 thoughts on “eternal

  1. …and that season is arriving with bouquets of love. This verse is hued in bright hope, as you sail quietly in peace. You are coming with peace, George. I love the second stanza, it balances in between, as it speaks of trust in divine relation.

    How are we connected George ?
    I wrote something today, and it is like a birth from this verse of yours. It is shaped in waves with faith of lovers. It is about redressal, and yet it comprehends the unsure moment of future. It is in the present, they sail through. It is not a separation, but to grow openly in arms of each other. To play cards of forgiveness and sail through this journey in trust. However, the reading leads me into different dimensions of my own journey, but it is heart in pure. Heart in pure.

    I can smile, I can fly in this moment. Thank you, George. 🙂


    • Indeed, my dear Pawan, I have been in a very good place of late. I have felt my heart revelling in this passion. I know that this life shall continue to ebb and flow as it must, but the light is very bright today as I imagine sailing to an abode of love. These connections secure and encourage me, guiding my journey at a time in my life when I can honestly say I have needed more guidance than ever. And more faith in the purity of the heart. Despite all else. Thank you for this, Pawan. I am so grateful that I have found such happiness in these connections here, and that I could compose verses that could encourage you to fly.


      • Your “when” is ready, George. 🙂
        I can see that smile, as your words are relaxed.
        I’m very happy and I share the same gratefulness of being alive in our respective lives. Much more love and blessings.


    • Thank you, T. My voice does rather fluctuate at times. Quite literally, actually. I am prone to dialectal mood swings, I guess you could say. The Scots was coming out in me again while writing this one. Glad you liked it.


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