i had a vision last night
striving as ever for sleep
and this is what i saw:

a wizened man breathing
heavy sighs over thighs
clasped by wretched hands

his skin trembled crawling
clinging barely to brittle
bones well settled with pain

over the balcony watching
spying the ducks waddling
lazily along the slowing stream

his thin hair hung grizzled
unkempt across pallid cheeks
sunken and finely flaked

through dreary eyes he watches
hoping for something to come
expecting nothing to happen

his daughter long since gone
his beloved never arrived
his spirit has borne eternity

yet there he sits wondering still
as blood dries beneath his flesh
and his heart wearies of waiting

Salt Lake City 08 Oct 2012

4 thoughts on “waiting

  1. I know you’re in a somber mood, but still need to just praise some of your lines. ‘Blood dries beneath his flesh’ is brilliant. The way you enter into the emotion of the despair, it emotes. I love a piece like this, though I know the place they come from are rather bleak, we all have these moments. Hugs to you George.


    • Thank you, RL. I know you understand. While I may write of feeling alone and dark at times, I know that through this community of ours, I have found friends who do know what I am saying. Who share such experiences, such feelings. And in light of that, I can never be truly alone.


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