it is not along the neatly swept concrete paths
that you might yet encounter my veiled muse
winsomely admiring spring’s serene blossoms

for hers is an antique yet oft unheeded voice
guiding one over well-trodden cobbled streets
or through fall’s forests of yellow and red

you may seek her there in the autumn years
when youthful yearnings have at last yielded
to melancholic musings twined in endless vines

fear not a cold unfamiliar glance, for her heart
will surely know you, having endured so long–
an open well tapped by the grasping and the true

in her will you find understanding and warmth
a nurturing embrace that mends naked wounds
and selfless lifts from sorrow the heaviest soul

one boon only i would most earnestly beg of you
that in drawing strength or spirit or wisdom from her
you remember her heart and nourish its return

Salt Lake City 23 Sep 2012

11 thoughts on “return

    • Thank you, Susan. The silence grows so very heavy without her voice. But I know she brings comfort and happiness to others now, and in that I am content. So long as she emerges from this whole and well again.


  1. “in her will you find understanding and warmth
    a nurturing embrace that mends naked wounds
    and selfless lifts from sorrow the heaviest soul..”

    So incredibly beautiful George — really all of this… makes me want to know more — to embrace her plight and her journey… and makes me wish for her safe return …. xo


    • Thank you, Robyn. I am sure she appreciates your thoughts and the compassion you feel for her, just as she has always had only the kindest of feelings for you since she first mentioned your name to me. There are such generous people in our community here, and in sharing our hearts and lives with one another, we find encouragement, motivation. And sometimes, through just the right convergence of spirits, a process of healing. I always found it quite appropriate–the title you gave your blog. It expresses what so many of us have intimately come to know. She heals me. And not just me. She gives so much of herself to others. I wish I could do the same for her, sharing with her whatever strength is left in this body, in this spirit of mine. She deserves it. More than I do.


    • Thank you kindly, T. There was a time, I recall, when I attempted to craft my verses. These days I do rather allow my heart to do most of the talking. And it is such an honor to me to be so well understood and appreciated. Thank you.


  2. It’s her voice in your heart, inking pages and pages, over and again. It is your love, the touching years of affinity. You are one — a soul in balance. 🙂

    Jubilant hearts or birds of eternity — what shall I name you both ?
    you are formless vibrations, holding each other,
    working through the same needle of integrity. 🙂

    I’m sending you smiles and hugs, for the love you express for her. 🙂


    • Reading this reply of yours, my friend, brings tender tears to my eyes. You understand us oh so well, and the process of opening, of blossoming that accompanies this affection. There is such vulnerability in love, isn’t there–the heart expanding further than one had thought it capable, to the point that we become sensitive to so much around us–to sights and sounds and the simple touch of a friendly hand on the shoulder. And a gentle word of greeting that seems to echo through the soul. Birds of eternity indeed. Jubilant hearts. My God, Pawan, you comprehend so well. Thank you for this.


      • Thank you so much for this. In reflections, we grow.
        Much love and blessings to you and your family. 🙂


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