pain and hope

this flesh so leathery seeks my soul to define
these pains cringing me, collapsing my laughter
fearfully i grasp at cushions soaked in sweat
as the next wave of agony crashes through me

incessant sobbing becomes a welcomed release
a reminder that this assault on my inner being
had a beginning and must necessarily reach an end
otherwise what point could perpetuate this life

minutes accumulate into hours stretched tight
as fetally i companion the night craving the glow
of dawn, harbinger of a day without suffering
a day when i might reject the taunts of this flesh

and define my soul
by the finer lines
and gentler embrace
of love’s infinite hope

Salt Lake City 14 Sep 2012

17 thoughts on “pain and hope

      • I so do understand… these words capture the feeling so well…

        “harbinger of a day without suffering
        a day when i might reject the taunts of this flesh”

        And it is so much the goal for me to also define myself in the beautiful way you describe,

        “by the finer lines
        and gentler embrace
        of love’s infinite hope”

        Very touching for me to read your work today dear George – thank you and blessings ~ x


      • I am very touched by this, Robyn, and very happy that I have composed something so meaningful for you. Blessings to you on this day and every day.


  1. swaying between pain & hope just brought Oliver Goldsmith to my mind:
    “To the last moment of his breath
    on hope the wretch relies;
    & even the pang preceding death
    bids expectation rise.
    Hope, like the gleaming taper’s light,
    Adorns and cheers our way;
    And still, as darker grows the night,
    Emits a brighter ray…”

    Peace & Light


  2. This is going to sound insanely odd…because you have not felt the birth of a child…but, this pain, wrote out the way childbirth feels…pain and hope…a fantastic way to describe it…in the letting go, the hope and new life. Hugs to you…this requires hugs for sure. A brave write.


    • Hugs are always welcome. Thank you, RL. I really hadn’t thought of this as courageous while writing it. Of course, while writing it I was still cringing. But my thoughts were so much on the beloved who inspires me, and there is such tremendous strength in that.


      • Indeed. I understand the emotion during the write, and the cringing sensation as others see it exposed..that is what it is, to be a writer.


    • Thank you, Susan. I find myself reticent at times to share the painful experiences, but through verse we are all able to communicate, to connect so fluently with one another. And however much I may cower alone in a moment of pain, alone is not always the best place to be.


  3. Delicately you bring pauses in between the verse, where I stop and reach for my life. I was destined to read this on a later date, and here my senses recall me to take a leap of faith. I love this George.
    …..and you are right that we can communicate so much through words.


    • It is time indeed that begets the personal meaning of our lines, our verses, our voices. I could approach one of your poems, Pawan, and admire the craft while missing completely the sense. Not because of your writing, but because I was not ready. It was not time. I know this, and I know I must be patient. And yet the path of my life in these last months has altered so irrevocably, endowing my heart with greater need. And with greater need comes too a sense of urgency. Voices converge, and peace becomes elusive. There are moments, my friend, when I feel very lost indeed. And others when I feel so blissfully found. Thank you for sharing your voice with us, Pawan.


      • It is when our chaotic moments arise, and we accept the agony, peace finds a door. I have experienced this, as in acceptance of situation(agony). Each of us are lost in different worlds. I’m so glad to read these serene words from you. Honestly you move in life and reflect your aura in others life. This is love, George, and you beautifully live that. 🙂


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