we are shrouded in noise
i thought as i turned down the music
and pondered why–
turning it off completely
i listened — just that, and realized
that it is we who surround ourselves
with this cacophonous cocoon
willfully, needfully

and i think i see why
we encumber our lives with sound
and song and frantic shouts
with whimpers and whispers
and clicks and creaks
with endless bloody noise
why it is we indulge the senses
so desperately

closing my eyes, i waited
and wondered and felt and
knew something at that moment
something unperceived:
how easy it is to hear silence
echoing within the vast cavern
of nothingness at the core
of this fragile being

i shuddered and wiped my eyes
it matters, i thought
turning the music back on
this matters when the only voice
is your own, expiring unheard
and you long for another
just one other voice
to announce, “I am here.”

Salt Lake City 22 Aug 2012

4 thoughts on “alone

    • Thank you, Susan. It was a disturbing experience really, that moment, when silence is usually welcome, but my world is changing so vastly these days, and suddenly I just felt terribly alone. Yes, then the music helps.


  1. You have beautifully written this, George. It feels much more closer to heart. Music is a therapy, but few moments of silence are worthy to provide insights, to seek the intuitive mind. You placed both worlds in a frame, love it. 🙂


    • Thank you, my friend. I must admit I was selfishly indulging my sense of loneliness in writing this. This separation from my beloved is so intolerable. I wonder at how the same sensation — being awash in silence — can sometimes provide me with a nurturing peace, while at other times it bears down on me so ruthlessly.


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