your lines

your lines contour the light
playing among the trees
shifting the leaves trembling

your lines shape the green
fleshing this fertile world
defining my pulsing passion

i wander your lines in awe
tracing them with my hands
my tongue teasing your warmth

how eagerly reddening your lips
answer this my nesting soul
needing ever your sweet song

your voice that calls my skin
climbing step by certain step
the joyful length of your lines

Santa Cruz 17 Aug 2012

6 thoughts on “your lines

    • Thank you, Susan. I must admit, I rather liked that one myself. It was a very immediate response to a tenderness that enthralls me.


  1. In beautiful spirit your words touch, George. It is like a moving picture of love, silently screening frames of beauty with subtle taste. Amazing words — each line of your verse blending in her lines, focussing in the given moment of love. 🙂


    • Oh, how well you have described this process of composing for me, Pawan. Yours is indeed a heart that understands love in its passions and desires and moments of calm ardor. Thank you for sharing this with me.


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