his tiny fingers enfold your heart
so effortlessly, being sung trembling
into being by your spirit undaunted
daring to soar blue and green and fine

i smile so at the truthful serenity
of this profoundly tendered warmth
how innocently giggling he wiggles
in your playful nurturing embrace

clever skin seals gracefully you two
imbuing bounty into every touch
every tickle every honest blissful laugh
promising eternity in one knowing kiss

Salt Lake City 05 Aug 2012

16 thoughts on “laughter

    • Not quite a coincident, Robyn. Mari is such an inspirational writer, it often happens that reading her words engenders my own. Which is where this verse came from, having read hers this morning and having seen that delightful photo of her and her son.


  1. It is delicate and beautiful, George. In simplicity of joy, playing through the moment of bliss. I can only wonder at these words — adding sweetness to a morning breeze, immersing in the honest paint of emotions, embracing him in love of moments. Love it, George.


    • Thank you so much, my dear Pawan. It is a great pleasure for me to know how happily you read my verses. I do so adore these tones, these fresh and flying colors of love and hope. May our lives always be so richly accompanied, my friend.


  2. I’m guessing the sound of a childs laughter is one of the greatest gifts on the planet, at least I think so. Your poetry of sweet awareness and love is wonderful. Thank you!


    • So very kind of you, Soma. I am glad you liked it. And I could not agree more about the laughter, the giggles, the joy of a child.


  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and liking several of my posts. I’m so glad your visit brought me to your blog. Your poetry is so beautiful! I look forward to reading more!


    • It is my pleasure, Robyn. Your photography is really quite lovely. I hope you continue to share with us how you capture the world around you.


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