in this cove

just over there is a quiet cove
a crescent of sand and stone
surrounding blue the waves
that gently tug at its edges
sweeping pebble after pebble
into its deep watery embrace

day after day hour after hour
i sat there and thought of you
longing to breathless wander
your so sensual curvings
my tongue tracing tender the
path of your entwinèd spine

unbeheld would i the warmth
of you, your cradling core so
secretly touch beneath these
conspiring waves unheeding
kneading rhythmic your flesh
that desires mine to enfold

sketch just here, beloved,
the telling lines of my face
that wears this adoration like
the fiery flush that burning
follows this impending pulse
piercing the center of you

release your rising self unto me
as i rooted hold us to the earth
my feet buried in ageless sand
my hands exploring the mesh
that fleshes you enchanting
glistening Nereid of the sea

clutch me trembling against you
my lips caressing ever yours
tasting the salt that drips you
testing the depths of this rapture
that only your quickened breath
my once hardened heart inspires

Çeşme, Turkey 29 July 2012

Along the coast of Çatal Azmak, Çeşme


2 thoughts on “in this cove

  1. Just adored this piece George … & my most favorite verse:
    “release your rising self unto me ~as i rooted hold us to the earth~my feet buried in ageless sand~my hands exploring the mesh~that fleshes you enchanting~glistening Nereid of the sea”
    Sending Love and Light to Turkey 🙂 ~Robyn


  2. Thanking you dearly, Robyn. There is simply something about her. And about the water and this world that we compose together, this so welcoming environment, that swells my heart, and makes me so very happy to be alive.


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