your lips

bequeath unto beggar me this most tender of treasures
and I shall you a message convey by Amphitrite’s grace—

have you noted how the industrious seamstress of the seas
weaves wisdom and wonder into the same delicate fabric?

imbibe you sweetly line by line this simple truth, my love
and of a certainty beyond revelation may you this know:

that the Infinite has longed for just such lips as yours
to bid the waves to rise with but a single hungry kiss…

Çanakkale, Turkey 21 July 2012

7 thoughts on “your lips

  1. Oh, I hope you didn’t miss the moment. haha. In this ocean of life, you know how to float through journey of love. A happy pair of love. Continue, George. 🙂


    • Ah, my dear Pawan, the moment has yet to arrive. But soon. My heart swells with such eager anticipation. Oh, this journey has become magical to me, my friend. I have the finest companion I could ever wish for. Blessed am I with her love.


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