celestial spheres

like heavenly spheres are we
revolving in our daily cycles

with the light of each new day
i rise to her sweet slumbering

as the moon travels my sky
the sun illumines her labors

i pick through waking thoughts
as she floats through dreams

yet we inhabit the same space
defined by impassioned hearts

unaware of the heavy setting sun
heedless of the wandering moon

awaiting only a moment of bliss
to unravel this twisted time

and bring the celestial forms
into harmonious alignment

and allow the sun and moon
to find their perfect embrace

Çeşme, Turkey 24 July 2012

As the sun sets on one side of the bay at Çatal Azmak…

…the moon rises over the other.

10 thoughts on “celestial spheres

  1. This is beautiful George. I wrote something a while ago from a similar space but different place.
    I prefer the peaceful knowing they will come together in yours. So very lovely.

    sun to moon to sun again she reaches for him
    sleep brings him to her unbidden no thought needed he just is
    each setting moon brings him
    each rising sun takes him away
    she longs for the moon her love’s doorway to her soul
    she grows weary of the sun for it steals her dreams


    • Thank you, Rhonda. Your verse is quite lovely. I very much like the moon as love’s doorway to the soul. The moon has always appealed to me as a far richer metaphor than the sun.


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