Playing with the Wind

Not been easy, finding the right place to play my ney since coming back here to Turkey (especially here in Çeşme, such a windy location). Which is funny, since this is the homeland of my ney. In which case, what possessed me to play the ney in something like a Celtic lament? Ah, the mysteries of travelling. It’s not so much that you never know what you’ll find when you get there. Rather, you never quite know what you’ll find in YOU once you get there. That’s one of the things I love most about travelling. How it teaches you about yourself.


4 thoughts on “Playing with the Wind

  1. Soulfully played, George. I can hear peace, fine tuning your life through versatile gifts. The sound reflects the simplicity that you talk about, and it transports me to a world where my heart wants to go. These short moments, of your music, your words, your perception, clears intricate life to believe in simplicity. In that spirit of silence, life finds a purpose. A purpose which creates a soul to live. The effect can be perceived within our hearts. Awakening with a new life, each day.

    You composed and played for other souls, and by sharing, you stir minds to see the better side.


    • My dear Pawan, you are as ever so very perceptive, so open to the sights and sounds of a world that, in suffering from such harsh constraints and abuses, has nonetheless retained a voice that can still be heard. Especially in silence. Or in the soulful sounds of a ney, a flute, a harp. Or a poet’s compelling voice. A voice like yours or Mari’s. I am honored to breath my voice in harmony with yours.


      • Thanks for this moment of smile. I’m more than happy to find beautiful souls on this blog. The journey will always move ahead, in harmony.


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