whatever could i be

whatever could i be unto you
who willful whispers honestly
love in such breathless sighs

these my hands your thighs
which holding enfolded flesh
do unfold for needfully me

even restless time most jealous
your perfect lips must enslave
and crave this world to tremble

from your eyes ebony a voice
arises commanding shackles
to shatter and limbs pronounce

waves of wonder coalesce
impressed upon your cheeks
while muses mumble homage

you are much more than life
more than marble monuments
might envious eternity endure

deeply breathing bare divinity
across your deftly drawn neck
my lips do worship your skin

my aging spirit clawing harrowed
in you sweet sustenance finds
to mend this broken jaded soul

all of which being naught but true
i do your pardon beg and these
last words your hearing implore

what life yet courses within me
counting time in wistful waves
flows unfettered beloved to you

Salt Lake City 04 Jun 2012


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