when she inquired what it was like
I couldn’t be sure just what to say
so instead I began to recite a litany
that I doubted would make sense
at least not to one whose pretty self
required no further act of definition

imagine then having nothing to say
and no voice, no tongue to speak it
it’s like peering dismally at others
and watching their lips mutter move
yet without comprehending a word
a being of purposeless persistence

from a distance you vaguely sense
the atrophy that collapses your legs
your arms indeed your very bones
leaving you sure of one thing only
that the best truest choice for you
would be to make no choice at all

time ceases to matter anymore
and all that once did encompass
your thought and hope and desire
leaves pointless you but confused
like a blind man asked to render
his vital verdict: Monet or Manet

she looked askance at me then
and in truth I preferred her silence
so I drew a smile on my thin lips
and waved my hand dismissively
concluding, but don’t you worry—
it’s not likely to last much longer

Salt Lake City 25 May 2012

10 thoughts on “Darkness

    • Thank you again, Susan. I’m afraid my environment was rather collaborating with my overzealous imagination yesterday to conspire me into a rather dark place. I did not want to call it depression, especially when I have so much cause to feel supremely happy in my life now. Especially now. But you hit the nail on the head. Feeling much better today fortunately.


  1. I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. If you choose to accept, please visit my me to pick it up. I enjoy your work tremendously. I glad Susan led me to you.


    • Rhonda, I would like to thank you for such kind regard and warm words for my writing, but I do hope you will understand when I say that I would feel uncomfortable accepting such an award. Since I began sharing my verses here, I have discovered writers, poets, bloggers who express themselves in words and images with such mastery, such beauty that I am awed by them. They are the ones who such be awarded; not me. But thank you again. I do value your appreciation of my writing.


      • I do understand, as well as relate. I felt the same…such talent to be found here! However, you do yourself an injustice. Your writing evokes feelings and visions as beautiful and noteworthy as most. The nomination is secondary to the appreciation; was just a way to show my love for your written word.


      • That is wonderfully kind of you, Rhonda. Believe me, the appreciation and love that you and any others might feel for my writing — that is all I need. With that, I am quite content.


  2. and here you have recited a litany to quiet my mind. The stream of emotions you have voiced, embraces the truest heart that I know of. Dismal path, silence is the door.
    The last two lines consciously invites a beautiful truth.


    • You know, Pawan, if all my dreams should come true, and one day she and I are home where we belong in our little village overlooking the sea, then I hope you will come to visit us. There are paths we would walk with you, not do dismal, and a hillside from which we may smile together at the setting sun.


      • Oh! your wish will come true, your faith will result I would wait for that day. Yes I believe we will smile at the setting sun.


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