Renklerin (Your Colors)

[NOTE: Sometimes a verse comes in a language of its own choosing. But I wanted this one to be understood in English as well. It was important to me. So the translation is below.]

bütün renkler aniden kırılırsa
beni hâlâ seslenebilir misin

tüm tonlarım gündüz gece
sesinin derinliğinden yükselir

çağrın beni bulmadan önce
boş bir düşünce gibi geçti

boya beni sözlerinle dokularımı
boya işte arzularımı ve izin ver

(if all the colors were suddenly to crack
would you still be able to speak me
my love

day and night arise all my tones
from the depths of your voice

before your call had found me
like an empty thought had passed
my life

paint me, my textures, with your words
color thus my longings and permit me
to live)

Salt Lake City 22 May 2012

A mosaic from Aizanoi, Turkey (1992)

10 thoughts on “Renklerin (Your Colors)

    • Thank you, Pawan. I have been more than fortunate since joining this community of expressive people like you to discover immense inspiration. I can honestly say that, before sharing my verses here, this well-spring of love in my heart had dried quite miserably. Now it is so very full that I feel sometimes that I must sing her praises. And so I do. I hope my enthusiasm does not get the best of me and drive others away. I can be a very selfish man, you see. Unfortunately.


      • This platform of WP has helped me too. It’s great to find similar voices. I’m happy that you too are carrying love everyday.
        It won’t drive others away, at least you mean what you say. The character your present here reflects your positive way of living life. We have to keep sharing and just sharing. Everything falls in place, moments build, life evolves. You know more than me, the depth can be felt in your words of life.


    • Thank you, Boomie. I composed this originally in Turkish. Friends insist that my Turkish is quite good, but I am not fluent, so I have to assume there are mistakes in there. There usually are. But I have a habit of becoming very attached to the sounds of languages, even if they are not languages I learned as a child. And this one sounded itself out in my head in Turkish.


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