find me i’ hadre
furh noht thy bru swa wynsum
streow petaln aloft

Salt Lake City 19 May 2012

NOTE: I am in something of an aging mood just now, my heart feeling at once heavy and yet so light and full of loving joy, while my body is weighing me unbearably down. And in this uncompromising mood, my mind turns to Old English. This haiku is not written true to Old English grammar, but I have chosen older words that fit my feeling. If you’re wondering at the pronunciation, try reading it with something approaching a Germanic-Gaelic accent. That should help. The translation of this near jibberish would be:


find me in heather
furrow not thy brow so winsome
strew petals aloft

Sitting among the ruins of Ildırı, Turkey (5 Jul 2010)

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