Amorous Ravings of a Madman

If this be madness then quickly destroy the cursed cure
and hang that dunce of an apothecary from Galata Tower
for I would surely wish to spend each day of this brief life
madly in love with you, who weaves with finest silken strands
the words of wonder that adorn my vain and foolish heart,
were that life to be but a day or e’en ten thousand days.

Let madness reign throughout this cookie cutter realm
as the high church bells peel like tuxedoed croaking frogs
and majestic eagles like gallant guppies swim the twelve seas,
the first day of school shall be the last and the last the first
while pupils do their wizened professors knowingly instruct
in bodily arts and pretty pranks and how swans brawny belch.

We shall sleep in beds of cotton balls painted bright amber
our heads resting on pillows of tangerine tarts and lily seeds,
the sun shall rise in hues of green and set in brightest blue
and you and I shall intrepid pursue a fawn that daily dances
and sings the finest librettos in the softest soprano tones
while a gregarious sloth regales us with tales of solemn love.

My life as such it is has derived from careful considerations
and mental machinations that have tested the endurance
of even the sweetest of sirens who patiently await my demise,
so speak not to me of reason or painted paths so safely tread
the refuge of scholars and saints seeking shelter in normalcy
while I, an eager wanderer, long for just the right companion.

Salt Lake City 10 May 2012

4 thoughts on “Amorous Ravings of a Madman

  1. I read this in the morning and I couldn’t close the tab on my browser. I waited to receive your words in a rightful way. beautifully articulated, you have the power to impress with your words.
    the personification of experiencing moments, taking in the memories, and not only living the journey of life, but breathing every second.
    I just love it.


    • My sincere thanks, Pawan. Your praise is touching indeed. I am grateful that I can share my thoughts with writers such as you who have such a gift with words and who help me to explore my own words with greater confidence. My ever best to you.


      • if we can connect through universe, it only adds a new dimension to think of. and I’m happy to breathe your words in real. only few can come and touch a soul.


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