A Turkish proverb: İtin duası kabul olsa gökten kemik yağar.

Okay, here goes—thought of the day. In proverbial form.

Yes, another Turkish proverb, which comes to my mind the more I follow the news. News of radicals ruthlessly erasing the lives of others in their paths. News of businessmen efficiently re-ordering millions of workers in just the right direction so as to raise the profits of the already ponderously wealthy. News of politicians promising heaven in a rhinestone-encrusted ziplock bag.

With all that in mind, this is the proverb that comes to me today:

İtin duası kabul olsa gökten kemik yağar.

Which literally means, “If a dog’s prayers were answered, the sky would rain down bones.”

In other words, if the selfish scum of the world had their way, there would be no world left for the rest of us to enjoy.

… Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong.


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